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Courses Offered are B.A/B.Sc./B.Com./BMS 
Each course conists of the following:

Part - I :       


 (i) General English : Course A/ Course B 
(ii) Telugu / Hindi / Sanskrit 

Environmental Studies 

(i) Foundation Course - I
(ii) Foundation Course - 2 

(i) Computer Course - 1 (For Non computer Students only) 
(ii) Computer Course - 2 (For computer Students only)

Part - II:        

Group Subjects 
Part - III:

(i) Value Education 
(ii) Inter Disciplinary Elective (only for students having computers as one of the core subject)

Part - IV:      

Co-curricular Activities - NCC/ NSS/ Games /YOGA/ Literary/ Cultural/Extension Programme (Social Awareness and STARS)

Part - II Combinations offered

B.Sc.  :  English Medium                                                                             
01.       B.Sc.  :  Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry                                  
02.       B.Sc.  :  Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Electronics                 
03.       B.Sc.  :  Mathematics, Physics, Computer Sciences                      
04.       B.Sc.  :  Mathematics,  Statistics,  Computer Sciences                
05.       B.Sc.  :  Chemistry, Botany, Zoology.                                       
06.       B.Sc.  :  Botany, Biotechnology, Chemistry                               

B.A     : English Medium                                                          
07.       B.A     : History, Economics, Politics                                           
08.       B.A     : English Literature, History, Politics                ..             
09.       B.A     : Social Work, Economics, Statistics.                              
10.       B.A     : English Literature, History, Tourism & Travel Mgmt.   (Vocational Course)

B .A     :Telugu  Medium                                                    
11.       B.A      : History, Economics, Politics                                      

B.Com  : English Medium                                                        
12.       B.Com  : Common  core                                                         
13.       B.Com  : Tax Procedures & Practice (Vocational course)               
14.       B.Com  : Computer Applications                                               


B.M.S    : English Medium

15.         Bachelor of Management Studies


Certificate Courses:


To enhance the creativity and employability skIlls of the students the following courses are offered:

Solid State Lighting

Instrumental Methods of Analysis in Chemistry

Visual Basic, .net


MS Office

Mushroom Cultivation



Ornamental Fish Culture