Department News


The Department of Commerce was established in the year 1972.

Goal & Objectives


    Our goal is to impart career based knowledge and inculcate values in the students with all round personality development so that they become economically independent, future entrepreneurs and live a successful life filled with Truth and Charity.


    To set and achieve high academic standard in the department in an atmosphere of autonomy.
    To develop leadership of high caliber and integrity.
    To impart practical knowledge.
    To Develop intellectual curiosity and eagerness for lifetime learning.

Faculty Profile

1 Mrs.M.Velanganni M.Com,MBA,SET Lecturer H.O.D 6 Years
2 Mrs.B.Sujatha M.Com,MBA,SET Lecturer 4 years
3 Mrs.M.Samatha MBA Lecturer 2 years
4 Ms.RaginiPandey M.Com Lecturer 1 Year
5 Mrs.K.Haritha M.Com Lecturer 1 Year
6 Ms.S.Nagalakshmi M.Com Lecturer 1 Year
7 Mrs.K.Sirisha MBA Lecturer  5 years
8 Mrs.N.Jyotsna M.Com Lecturer 5 years
9 Ms.K.RajyaLakshmi MBA Lecturer 2 years
10 Ms.G.Himaja CWA Lecturer 1 Year
11 Mrs.G.R.Saravani MBA Lecturer 2 years

Courses Offered
Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Management Studies

COMBINATIONS in B.Com (General)

Business Organisation I and II Semester
Taxation III and IV Semester
Advanced Corporate Accounting V and VI Semester
Advanced Management Accounting V and VI Semester

Tax Procedures and Practices
Ours is the first Women’s college to start Vocational course Tax in the year 1996 under Acharya Nagarjuna University.

Income Tax Procedures and Practice I and II Semester
Income Tax & Wealth Tax III and IV Semester
Customs Law & Practice and Service Tax V and VI Semester
Central Excise Law & Practice and VAT V and VI Semester


This course was introduced in the year 2008-09 under Acharya Nagarjuna University as it provides employability for the students.
Fundamentals of Computers I and II Semester
C Language III and IV Semester
Data Base Management Systems V and VI Semester
E- Commerce V and VI Semester


Bachelor of Management Studies
Principles of Management I and II Semester
Financial Management/Management Accounting III and IV Semester
Quantitative Techniques/Business Environment III and IV Semester
Research Methodology/Human Resource Management III and IV Semester

Other basic Commerce papers like Financial Accounting, Business Law, Cost and Management Accounting and Income Tax are offered during I, II, V and VI semesters.
International Business V and VI Semester
Strategic Management V and VI Semester


Inter Disciplinary Elective (IDE)
Book – Keeping
Managerial Skill Development

Certificate Course:
Computerised Accounting (Tally)
Separate Tally lab is provided for the practicals