THE DEPARTMENT of statistics

Department News


The Department of Statistics was established in the year 2003. 

Goal & Objectives


    To develop better citizenship, inculcate civic sense and political consciousness among students to promote peace, unity, solidarity and integrity of the nation.


    To equip students with knowledge and understanding to achieve high academic standards.

    To help students to work for social justice and promote human dignity in society.

    To discover their potentials and channelize them to form integrated personalities.

    Sensitize them to appreciate and respect other faiths and help them to act responsibly in relation to themselves and others.

    Prepare students to face social realities and promote peace and unity of the nation.

Faculty Profile

Name                    Qualification         Designation    Years of experience
1.D.V.Saraja              M.SC(M.Phil)       Lecturer             13 years  
2.Syed.M.Parveen         M.Sc                 Lecturer              4 years


Courses Offered
B.Sc (Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science)