The aims of National Service Scheme may be broadly outlined as follows:

To be constructively involved in the needs and problems of the community particularly by working with the poor.
2. To instill a feeling of social concern for the underprivileged.
3. To create a greater respect for the dignity of labour through participation in manual work.
4. To train students in leadership by making them familiar with human skills to face the societal challenges.
These aims are to be realized by a wide variety of service projects selected and carried out by the students themselves under the guidance and supervision of the Programme Officer of the National Service Scheme in the College.


Chair Person : Principal – Sr. KularekhaMudharta
  : Vice Principal – Sr. Innyasamma
Coordinators : Unit II – Dr.P.Usha
  : Unit I – Mrs.L.M.R.Swarupa Rani
Members : Dr.V.Satya Sudh –EnglishDept.
  : Mrs.C.V.L.Karuna – BotanyDept.
  : Dr.D.Ramakrishna –SanskritDept.
  : Mrs.G.Usha Kumari –MathsmaticsDept.
Student Representatives : Chandrakala IIB.Sc.
  : Anusha IIB.A.


Agenda : To make a proposal for Special Camp from 25th -31st Oct 2017; and to conduct Regular Activities.

1 : Blood Donation Camp
2 : Tree Plantation
3 : Pulse Polio
4 : Breast Cancer Awareness
5 : Swatch Bharat
6 : Vanam Manam


A meeting of NSS A.C was held on The following agenda was

The following resolutions were made:

1. To conduct a Special Camp

2. To organise other Regular Activities like

All the members gave their acceptance.