Lecturer in Botany

Department of Botany

Subject Expert:

 Presented papers  in National, international conferences

Work Experience

Total number of years of experience is 33 years


Evaluating Mangrooves of Krishna wild life Sanctuary in relation to the general status of Mangroves in A.P, India. Published in International Journal of Environmental Studies.Doi-10,1080/00207233.2017-1283939./.

Handling Certificate courses

Mushroom cultivation, Herbal Medicine.

Elective papers

Medicinal Botany, Horticulture

Other Duties:

Academic adviser- CCE. Academic audit A.P,2015, 2016.
Jury member –Inspire2015 , State level competition A.P.
Chief Examiner, paper setter
Examination committee member
Organiser for workshops Seminars, Field trips in the department.