STARS (Stellites to Awake and Reach out to the Society)

Reach out programmes cater to diverse needs of the underprivileged in the society. One of the objectives of the college being empowerment of women and children, these reach out programmes create awareness among students of the stark reality and sensitize them. Students also get a fi rst hand knowledge of the real life situation and experience in tackling the challenges in whatever little way they can. This exposure enables them to be communicative, sympathetic and humanitarian in their outlook. Various sections of the society derive solace, help in diff erent forms, articulate and confi dent to lead their lives with the motivation and stimulation given by these programmes.

The following projects have been taken up under STARS

• Working children
• Street children
• Human rights
• Empowerment of women
• Environment
• AIDS Awareness
• Information and Documentation
• Media and publication

Each of the above projects has a cell in which the students become active members under the able guidance of staff members.