Hand Book


FMM commit themselves to creating and maintaining an environment which promotes its core values and prevents abuse and exploitation of minor and vulnerable adults. FMM staff and partners are expected to contribute to building a harmonious workplace based on team spirit, mutual respect and understanding. All FMM staff and partners are expected to contribute to building a harmonious workplace based on team spirit, mutual respect and understanding. All FMM staff and partners are expected to uphold the dignity of those we serve, and with whom we work and collaborate, ensuring that their personal and professional conduct with clear boundaries is of the highest standard at all times in a manner consistent with their calling as responsible representatives of the Lord, who are positive role models to the children and people under their care and the partners with whom they work and collaborate.

As an integral part of our service to humanity, we are administering a number of FMM Institutions.  While administering art FMM institutions, it is of utmost importance and duty of every FMM staff to protect the human dignity of the minor and vulnerable adult under their care.   In the course of serving at such Institutions, there is a possibility of allegation of commission of offence being made by an employee working under a religious sister or by a child / student or people placed under FMM care by any person from the general public.  We need to have clear understanding of the offence / crime in India and what we must do when allegations of commission of an offence of abuse is made against our staff.  In such scenario, we need to follow certain guidelines in order to meet the ends of justice.  In this endeavor, we formulate for ourselves a document consisting of Policy Statement, Code of Conduct and redressal mechanism to be followed in such cases, where allegations are made against our FMM staff.

The Policy Statement

• Uphold inviolability of human dignity with special focus on mirrors and vulnerable adults in the footsteps our Lord Jesus Christ as well as the Catholic Church and we live the values of Christ through the spirit and spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi, our Patron and Blessed Mary of the Passion, our Foundress.
• To comply with the documents of the Church, documents of the Congregation and the criminal and the civil laws of India in order to protect human dignity of every human person with special focus on minors and vulnerable adults.
• To comply with all the provisions as under laws in India in dealing with any allegation / accusation.
• To ensure that our FMM Institutions be a safe environment for all especially for minors and vulnerable adults.
• To prevent any attempt to degrade human dignity of person especially minors and vulnerable adults.
• To create a system to address effectively any allegation / accusation made against any FMM staff in India and promptly and properly investigate in a fair and transparent manner in accordance with law.
• To take action on and punish FMM staff if found guilty in accordance with the civil laws as the case may be.

• Truth, Charity and Personal Integrity.

Guidelines to be followed in the FMM Institutions

All the Heads / Managements of FMM Institution shall ensure the following in respect to the minors and vulnerable adults who come under the care or attend any activities organized by in any of the FMM Institutions or who come in contact with any of the offices / officials / staff:

 That the minors and vulnerable adults are protected and valued.
 That every staff appointed in FMM Institutions will abide by the guidelines and policies of FMM.
 That the staff are carefully selected, trained and supervised so as to protect and safeguard the human dignity and wellbeing of the minors and vulnerable adults from harm and abuse.
 That the minor and vulnerable adult friendly practices are adopted to protect and safeguard their human dignity and wellbeing.
 That visitors to FMM Institutions abide by this Protection Policy and Code of Conduct measures while they are in the FMM Institutions for reasons whatsoever.
 That avenues are provided to them to voice out any concern they may have.
 That enquiry proceedings are initiated promptly to deal with any allegation in accordance with the procedure as set forth in this document.
 That appropriate professional Counsellor shall be provided for them to talk freely about any concern that they may have.
 That all trips, rides, vacations, camps and other such activities must have the approval of the parents / guardians and / or the appropriate institution prior to such activities.
 That steps are taken to make them feel secure.
 That unnecessary giving of personal gifts is avoided.
 That everyone is treated with respect and communicated at appropriate level.
 That they are not shamed or belittled.
 That showing favouritism is strictly avoided.
 That care is taken to avoid doing certain personal things which they can themselves do for herself/ himself.
 That adequate training is given to FMM staff for appropriate / healthy way of relating with them.

Guidelines to be followed in the FMM Institutions

The Managements / Heads/ FMM staff of the FMM institution must uphold inviolability of human person and human dignity with special focus on minors and vulnerable adults. Managements and staff of FMM Institutions need to play major role in facilitating appropriate and healthy environment for wholesome protection of the minor and vulnerable adult under the care of the FMM Institutions. Accordingly, this code of conduct is issued. Every FMM staff should abide by this code of conduct.

• Any personal dealing with the minors and vulnerable adults shall be done in an open environment. If a confidential chat or any activity is required then that shall be a little distance away but within the open environment.

• They shall not be taken to closed / secluded areas like one’s private room etc. unless accompanied by other adults.
• If one to one meeting with him / her is required it should take place in a room with a room left open or in a room where there is easy visibility from the outside.
• Spending unnecessary and excessive amount of time alone with them is prohibited.
• They shall not be provided with any alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drug or any substance that is prohibited under any law.
• Making direct telephone calls or sending e-mails to them is prohibited. If necessary the same shall be done through parents / guardians.
• Inappropriate / suggestive comments, words, jokes, signs, actions, etc. shall not be used in their presence.
• Sexually implicit or explicit or pornographic material shall not be shown to them.
• Any physical punishment like hitting or physical assault etc. either in public or in private is prohibited.
• Sexual advances and various types’ inappropriate physical contact are prohibited.
• Request for sexual favours in return for some benefit are prohibited.
• Display of any sexually oriented or morally inappropriate materials through various media – printed, audio-visual or electronics is strictly prohibited.
• Use of languages that tend to mentally or emotionally abuse the minor and vulnerable adult is prohibited.
• Any inappropriate physical contact like kissing, hugging, fondling, rubbing or touching is prohibited.
• Taking photographs or minor and vulnerable adult in inappropriate position is prohibited.
• Taking unfair advantage of a professional or counseling relationship is prohibited.
• Displaying them to win the sympathy of others or to get financial help or benefits is prohibited.
• Imposing any manual labor except cleaning the place of their stay / work involving their personal hygiene is prohibited.
• Taking them on one’s own journey without another responsible adult is prohibited.
• Taking them to personal homes is prohibited.
• Sharing a room with them is prohibited.
• Gender discrimination, humiliation / comparing is prohibited.