Sr. Sleeva Thumma


Dr. Sr. Jasintha Quadras


Dr. Sr. G.Innyasamma

Vice Principal (Degree Section)

Ms. K. Hannah Anuhya

Vice Principal (Degree Section)

Dr. J. Asha Kumari

Vice Principal (Inter Section)

Sr. S. Asha

Controller of Examinations

Ms. V. Sudha Devi

Addl. Controller of Examinations

Ms. P. Padmalatha

Addl. Controller of Examinations

Dr. Girija Nambiar

Dean, Planning & Communication

B.Santha Kumari

Dean, Administration

Dr. C. Krishnaveni

IQAC Coordinator

Dr. Sr. P. Japamalai

Dean, Academic Affairs

Dr. H. Kanaka Durga

Dean, Academic Affairs

Dr. G. Little Flower

Dean, Student Affairs

Dr. K. Ramana

Dean, Student Affairs

Ms. Ch. Geetha Devi

Dean, Student Affairs

Sr.Veronica D'Souza



  • Monitors office administration, collection of data and submission of required data to the officials concerned as and when required.
  • Conducts General Staff, Heads of Departments, Departmental, Committees and IQAC meetings periodically or as and when necessary.
  • Takes care of the registers and records as per the norms of the university and other higher bodies.
  • Ensures smooth conduct of tests and examinations.
  • Maintains a healthy rapport with alumni.
  • Promotes linkages, MoUs with other organizations, bodies, industry and signs contracts.
  • Attends meetings called for by the authorities of higher education department on behalf of the institution.


  • Co-ordinate with the Deans and the HoDs to ensure smooth implementation of the academic calendar.
  • Are in charge of the day to day running of the institution and report to the Principal.
  • Monitor attendance and regularity of staff andstudents.
  • Responsible for the effective functioning of all committees, cells and curricular as well as extracurricularactivities.
  • Ensure participation of the college community in all aspects of campus life.     

The Controller of Examinations

  • Is in charge of the planning and scheduling of all examination related matters in consultation with the Principal.
  • Gets a copy of the syllabus and model question paper from the departments.
  • Prepares a database of eligibleexaminers.
  • Calls for question papers, typesets and has them printed.
  • Plans the days of the continuous assessment and semester end examinations, the room allotments, the sessions and invigilation lists.
  • Collects the consolidated internal valuation marks from the departments.
  • Organizes external centralized valuation of the semester end examination.
  • Prepares an overview of the results for the Results Committee.
  • Readies the statement of marks fordistribution.
  • Addresses the grievances of staff and students related to the examinations.
  • Presents the final tabulated results to the University for issuing of degrees.
  • Prepares the annual budget of the Examination Section and presents it before the Finance Committee forapproval.

Dean of Planning and Communication

  • Helps the Principal and the IQAC Coordinator in planning quality enhancing measures for the growth and development of the college.
  • Formulates all communication on behalf of the college.
  • Helps create the right climate for academic, cultural, social and service oriented activities for the benefit of students as well as for the community.

Dean of Administration

  • In coordination with the Office Superintendent, is responsible for the preservation of all the records of the Management such as correspondence from government authorities / UGC regarding administrative matters, the cash books (jointly with the Bursar), attendance registers, acquittance rolls, leave accounts, legal issues, recruitment etc.
  • Supervises the collection of fees and posting in the register by the Bursar.
  • Supervises the maintenance of the cash register and its regular updation for scrutiny and audit.
  • Prepares the monthly pay bills of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the institution.
  • Maintains the leave accounts of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the institution and submit them to the head of the institution.
  • Updates the service books.
  • Guides and assists the Principal in the operation of funds received from government agencies and ensures that this money is spent strictly in accordance with the rules andregulations.
  • Helps the Principal in answering the objections / queries of audit parties and maintains a record of thesame.
  • Distributes work to the office assistants and holds them accountable for the timely discharge of assigned work.
  • Is accountable to the Principal and the Correspondent.

IQAC Coordinator

  • Responsible for all quality matters in the institution.
  • Initiates and coordinates curriculum revision regularly.
  • Initiates, plansandsupervisesvariousactivitiesthatarenecessaryto improve the quality of the education imparted in the institution.
  • Coordinates the dissemination of information on various quality parameters of higher education.
  • Plans and facilitates internal and external audit every academic year.
  • Coordinates the documentation of the various programmes / activities leading to quality improvement.
  • Coordinates the quality-related activities of theinstitution.
  • Coordinatesinpreparation of the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) tobesubmitted to NAACbased onthe quality parameters.
  • Coordinates the timely and efficient execution of the decisions of the IQAC committee.

Deans - Academic Affairs

  • Appointed by the Management Committee for a period of two years, which may be extended for one more year.
  • Co-ordinate academic programmes of the college, in keeping with its vision and mission.
  • Overseetheplanningandrestructuringofthecurriculum everythree yearsinconsultationwiththe Principal, seniorfacultymembers, the IQAC.
  • Are members of the College Council and the Academic Council.
  • Update the guidelines for the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) whenever changes are recommended and validated by the relevant committees / statutory bodies.
  • Organize and conduct orientation programmes regarding the philosophy and objectives of the CBCS for the first year students.
  • Coordinate student registration for elective courses and forward the finalized list to the Controller of Examinations.
  • Update and maintain records of student withdrawals from courses.
  • Scrutinize attendance particulars of students for the semester end examinations, prepare the list of students who meet attendance requirements and forward it to the Controller of Examinations for issue of hall tickets.
  • Take decisions regarding condoning shortage of attendance in keeping with college and university regulations. However, the decision of the Principal is final in all matters concerning attendance.
  • Maintain a record of students who have not beencondoned.
  • Prepare all necessary documents for Academic Council Meetings and subsequently carry out the recommendations made by the Council.
  • Provide information related to academic affairs for discussions at the Governing Body meetings.
  • Assist in the preparation of students’timetable.
  • Organize and conduct Class Committee Meetings in collaboration with the Vice Principals and submit the report to the Principal for review.

Deans - Student Affairs

  • Appointed by the Management Committee for a period of two years, which may be extended for one more year.
  • Coordinate the activities of the Students’ Council in consultation with the Principal, the Vice-Principal and the Supervisor in charge of maintenance.
  • Organize orientation programme for the newly elected office-bearers of the Students’ Council at the beginning of every academic year.
  • Guide and monitor students’ club activities, inter-year competitions and inter-collegiate events.
  • Organize fund raising programmes in collaboration with the Council for college development.
  • Help in organizing, with the Council, the following:
  • Workers’ Day Teachers’ Day
  • Administrative Staff Day Foundation Anniversary Day
  • Organize Student Welfare activities suchas:
  • Disbursing scholarships, financial aid, food tokens, stationery for needy students, Student Council General Orientation programmes, Induction programme and medical inspection for fresh UG students
  • Help in the distribution of College Handbooks at the beginning of each academic year
  • Organize Prize Distribution on College Day
  • Facilitate the conduct of Student Councilmeetings
  • Help in student counselling
  • Organize with the Council, awareness programmes oncampus.
  • Organize the Annual Valedictory Function for III-year UG and II- year PG students


  • Responsible for the collection of fees and posting in the register.
  • Disburses funds for all requirements
  • Makes all purchases for theinstitution
  • Maintains the cash books and updates it for scrutiny and audit.
  • Prepares the annual budget for presentation before the Finance Committee.