Empower, Enrich, Excel, Transform

To contribute to a just and equitable society through quality education for leadership and social responsibility in an environment of academic excellence and sound values.


The mission of the college is to empower young women through a transformative education to form intellectually competent, morally upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired women imbued with the values of humanism in the service of society.

Core Values

• Truth, Charity and Personal Integrity.
• Transformative Education.
• Inclusiveness, Excellence and Social Justice.
• Holistic Growth.
• Protection and Preservation of Environment.


• To function as a critique and conscience of society.
• To help preserve the cultural heritage of the nation.
• To set and achieve high academic standards in an atmosphere of autonomy.
• To develop leadership of high caliber and integrity.
• To serve the economically weak, socially backward and needy students.
• To direct its efforts to strengthen the institution of the family.
• To prepare young women to continually search for truth and to grow into mature and responsible persons, ready to face the challenges of life at home and in the society.
• To accord priority to vocational and entrepreneurial education
• To strengthen its own faith-life.

Founded in 1962 at Vijayawada, Maris Stella College, a Catholic Christian Minority Institution for Higher Education, has been a first-rate college, which has focused on the education of women being the first women’s college in the district. It was started by the management of Stella Maris College, Chennai, namely, the Society of Franciscan Sisters of Mary.

The vision Empower, Enrich, Excel and Transform inspires the institution to work towards a just and equitable society through quality education for leadership and social responsibility in an environment of academic excellence and sound values. The single minded dedication saw the college evolve from a humble beginning with courses in Humanities and Sciences, to a model college with several conventional and restructured courses added at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The various foundation courses, certificate courses and co-curricular courses enrich our students with varied skill set. The academic, social and spiritual elements of Maris Stella education combine to open windows to global opportunities.

Maris Stella College visualizes empowerment of the girl student through academic excellence, skill enhancement and value enrichment. The mission of the college in tune with the objectives of higher education and strives to provide a synthesis of academics and ethics, inclusive growth and increased employability with global competencies.

Post submission of SSR in 2013, the college assessed its status and it was planned to draw a road map for the institution for the next five years. The management and the team of senior faculty worked hard to bring out the strategic plan document. After having a number of meetings, inputs were taken from all stakeholders, faculty, students, alumni, employers and the community keeping in mind the local contexts. This strategic plan highlights the institution’s priorities for the next five years. With the vision, mission and objectives in view, this document outlines our plan of action to provide an outstanding educational experience. The priorities were classified under five heads:

I Excellence through Academic Programs

• Exposure to global knowledge frontiers by way of conferences, workshops and guest lectures.
• Work towards adopting a variety of programs to enrich curriculum
• Introduce skill and career oriented courses in the curriculum
• Strive to get strong accreditation standards
• Integrate the use of ICT in classroom teaching
• Focus on research and offer incentives for faculty achievements in research
• Encourage all the departments to conduct International/national conferences
• Strengthen linkages of departments with industry and other academic bodies

II Enrichment Programs for Faculty Development

• Continue to attract and retain dedicated staff with the unique skill set
• Recruitment to be done from diverse backgrounds
• Financial support for attending conferences and registration for Ph.D. programmes and seed money for
• Focus on faculty development programmes and skill enhancement
• Train the faculty in using technology
• Continue to enhance welfare measures to ensure personal and professional well being

III Empower the Students

• Continue to maintain an open and transparent policy in taking admissions
• Increased efforts for student internships and exchange programs
• Intensify the association with alumni by conducting a variety of programs
• Strengthen the extension activities and club activities to give holistic education
• Empower students by providing value added and skill oriented courses
• Strengthen the career guidance and placement process for the recruitment of students by various companies

IV Finance

• Apply for the grants from UGC and other funding agencies
• Raise funds through infrastructure leasing
• Apply to multiple sources for raising finances to carry out all the planned activities of the departments and extension activities

V Infrastructure and integration of technology

• Build more IT enabled classrooms and seminar halls
• Furnish more classrooms with smart boards
• Improve ICT communication and efficiencies
• Increase ICT training for both teaching and administrative staff
• Strengthen ICT centre
• Upgrade automation of the office
• Enhance infrastructure and the facilities in the Examination Cell
• Work towards complete automation in areas of admission, finance, accounting and the process of conducting examinations online

Thus the institution will strive tirelessly in the next five years towards academic excellence, improving infrastructure, operations involving stakeholders, community around and strengthening Maris Stella’s brand.

“Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan” .
- Margaret Thatcher