• To enhance the ability of students to concentrate, deal with impulsive behaviour and to think more clearly.

  • To reduces stress and help students to relax and release tension.

  • To develop lifelong health habits (mental and physical), i.e. acquaints them with the option of healthy daily exercises for the brain and the body.

  • To offer students a safe and balanced way for them to relate to themselves and to their surroundings, inner and outer awareness.

  • Outcomes

  • The benefits of yoga are- physical fitness, stress control, general well being, mental clarity and greater self-understanding.

  • Practicing yoga increases self-confidence as the students measure their own individual success and improvement.

  • Regular practice of yogic postures enhances the ability of students to reflect, to have sound judgment and take right decisions.

    It teaches the student to appreciate the ageless wisdom enshrined in the exercises and learns to keep her mind and body at peace through the ups and downs of daily life.